What is the cost for your services?

Our Management and lease fee is percentage based on the 1st month’s rent, although some more expensive properties may be charged a flat fee. The monthly management fee is 10% of collected rent and there is a one-time administrative set-up fee of $75.00.

What do I get for my money?

Peace of mind that while you are vacationing in Europe---
The Property Manager is providing:

Quality Tenant Selection:

That is, we provide any and all of the services required to properly maintain your rental property.

Why do I need a Lease agreement for my rental property?

There was a time when a handshake meant an agreement had been reached. Those were the good ole days. Those were the days before landlord-tenant laws, landlord-tenant attorneys, and tenant-friendly judges. When you rent your property with a handshake, you may be agreeing to one thing, and your tenant to something entirely different. Each of you thinks you are agreeing to the same thing, but you probably aren’t. This is why we have rental agreements and leases. They do not mean that you mistrust the other person, they mean you both are on the same page. A good rental agreement means better tenant relations and everybody agreeing to the same things.

While there are “handshake deals”, it is not generally a good practice. For a contract to be binding and enforceable it must be in writing. This is for the protection of all concerned parties.