Kristin Robert

Kristin has always known that real estate would be part of her life, recalling the days driving around Tulsa with her mother, Debi, quickly being immersed in the wild and wonderful world of property management and sales.

Born and raised in Tulsa, Kristin attended Jenks High School and proceeded to the University of Tulsa where she studied marketing and communications. Sharing the same passion for real estate as her mother, Kristin obtained her license in 2003 and was working at The Property Manager in various roles. Her emphasis is in property rehabilitation, investor consultation, and sales. As Kristin likes to say, "It's a passion of mine - helping someone find a place where they can rest their feet."

In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her husband and their "dog squad." Together they enjoy giving back the community through the "Live Local, Give Local" and "Lawyers Fighting Hunger." A non-profit organization started by her husband. Kristin also serves on the Board of Directors at Theatre Tulsa. Other hobbies include: working out, attending concerts, DIY projects, acting, singing, cooking, and playing tennis, golf or volleyball. She is also a freelance writer when she can find the time!

Kristin Harding

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Phone: 918.258.8500

Fax: 918.258.2074

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